How to get the most out of this course

How to get the most out of this course

Conversations are sensory, multidirectional experiences that should be curated within many communication modes. These are new skills to consider. Conversations are not just one, or even two-way interactions but are encounters with difference (other than ourselves), that requires us to employ all of our senses and be aware of our responsibilities to others.

  • To listen, look, watch, smell and even touch others.
  • To hear and permit silence.
  • To pace, design and respond.
  • To respect emotions and perspectives.

Conversations are an important part of our professional and personal growth.

Time investment

This introductory course combines cutting edge thinking on conversational intelligence, change theory and community engagement in tourism.

The course is organised into 5 modules delivered over 5 weeks. Each module is divided into:

(1) 4 x 1.5 hour LEARNING CIRCLES (supported by a live webinar session, course materials, workbook, expert practitioner videos and readings), plus prep time for worksheets. Each week a task will be set to prepare a segment of a community engagement plan. In this way, you will each have a plan to take away, tailored to your needs.

(2) 1 x 1.5 hour COLAB WORKSHOP (a real world case study and canvas where learning is activated), plus prep time.

Course duration is 15-20 hours depending on the time and energy you wish to devote to the course.

The zoom meetings will be recorded and available for viewing if you're unable to make the live time slot. Please allow 24 hours to upload although it may be quicker.

Finding and holding the space to engage in the course

We are all exploring new ways of finding our place in this new and uncertain world. This course adds new strings to your bow that can be used in private, personal and public settings to listen better, wait for others to be ready and find the teachable, 'engage-able' moments to be heard. The responsibility of being a host brings with it a duty of care and awareness for those gathered around you.

The learning materials are made available on this learning platform (it's called Teachable). Every two weeks a learning module will be released. It will be jam-packed with reading, resources, videos, templates and so on. It will vary from week to week but expect the heavy stuff will come in Module 1 and to a lesser degree in Module 2. This is necessary background for what happens in modules 3-5.

In addition to these learning materials (hosted on Teachable), the Tourism CoLab Community is your space to engage and ask questions and share resources. You will receive instructions on how to access that space and will have access for 3 months.

Maintain a reflective journal

We recommend maintaining a journal where you can draw, mindmap, connect dots and reflect on the course materials. Research shows that writing down your thoughts makes them stick. Journaling is a source of creativity and competitive advantage. Read about how to journal here if you are unfamiliar with the practice.

Establish a learning mindset

We cannot emphasise enough how important it is to understand the power of finding the right mindset for new ideas to flourish. Group learning should be a generative process where you learn individually and together as a cohort through direct exchange and support. It requires both self-work as well as creating and holding space for dialogue with others. It’s about understanding your own position before you can effectively engage others. We recommend adopting the following rules of engagement for this course:

  1. Be curious. Explore from different angles, play, and mix ideas.
  2. Reframe your problems. Flip your thinking. Step away from the established path
  3. Know it’s a process. Nothing ever completely solved. It’s a journey of learning, reflection and revision.
  4. Ask for help. Everyone has unique talents, knowledge and skills.
  5. Put yourself out there and try. Just do it. You never know and might be pleasantly surprised.